About US


Unetco was established in 1990 to address the growing needs of telecommunications & Power in Egypt and the EMEA region; serving as a turn key contractor in the Power, electromechanical and telecommunications segments. Our comprehensive portfolio includes end to end engineering/consultancy services for telecommunication & power providers. Unetco covers all projects needs; starting from the design phase, through inspection, material supplies, project management, documentation, installation & commissioning and Operation including Overhaul and Repair. Unetco offers managed services & consultancy for all telecommunication & power broad activities.

Company profile

Vision :

Unetco’s vision is to become one of EGYPT leading supplier of Telecommunication & power solutions and services.

Mission :

Our mission is to maximize Unetco’s value for our customers, partners and employees, by being No. 1 in Egypt Telecommunication & power Industry.



We deliver on our promise to provide superior products and services. We guarantee quality and excellence because we don’t believe in short cuts. Commitment: We are dedicated to the company, its shareholders and customers and work tirelessly to demonstrate our commitment at all times.


We employ highly experienced and qualified teams to do the job right.


We respect and value each other and realize that everyone has something personal to contribute.


We encourage open communication and welcome new ideas. We don’t put limits on what we can offer to our customers.